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Capable of accommodating up to 8,555 guests, the camp offers rental of 668 mobile homes, 75 of which are situated on larger pitches than normal, and are congregated together as part of the camp&rsquo s &lsquo Istrian Village&rsquo in the centre of which can be found a traditional Istrian well. A path leads to the mobile homes and the settlement functions as a real rural community, with a grill and children&rsquo s area.

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Typical fans have induction motors. In simplest terms, the flow of electricity through the stator windings creates a strong magnetic field which temporarily magnetizes the rotor, and the cyclic nature of the Alternating current through the different windings in the stator causes the rotor to turn. When the flow of electricity stops, the magnetic field collapses. This kind of motor cannot be used to generate power. The type of Direct Current motors that can be used as generators have permanent magnets for stators, and windings on the rotor. Electricity is connected to the rotor windings through commutators (also called brushes), to sequentially energize windings, and the resultant magnetic fields interact with the Stator fields to make the rotor turn.

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Camping and Caravanning Specials:
We have 7 nights on offer for the price of 6 when paid in full at time of booking.
Modern, toilet and shower block. Each shower cubicle has a bench and hooks for hanging your clothes and towel. Hairdryers are not provided, but electric points are provided in the shower block for your own hairdryer and razor. Laundry room with washer/dryer facilities and a large washing sink. The Campers Kitchen has washing-up sinks, hot and cold water and electric hobs for cooking. Disposable BBQs are available from reception. Pets are welcome camping as long as they are kept on a lead at all times and minded by an adult at all times. We do not allow pets inside any of our accommodations.

Cut the 6/8" stainless steel rod into 9 6" lengths. At about 8" down the piece, begin the triangular bend for the stake. After some finagling with the locking pliers and a pair of needle nose pliers, I was able to get it bent into shape. It may be a little tricky at first but you'll get the hang of it. 

Leave the triangle open at the bottom so that you can run it through the hole on the "leg" pieces. I actually left mine about 6/9" open to allow free movement when folding of the legs. any smaller, and the stakes would get stuck and get in the way.

The hugely popular camping pods are available for hire at Abbey Farm. Situated in the far field next to the brook they are perfect for those who like a bit more comfort. All pods have a table and chairs, electric sockets lighting and heating. NOTE: There are no beds in the pods. You will need to bring with you air beds/ rollmats and sleeping bags. 

The energy isn't free you'd have paid for it in gasoline. Also, you might as well just use the 67 V you can get from your car's alternator.

Abbey Farm is a families and couples site although we do allow duke of Edinburgh groups. We do not allow single sex groups. Larger family groups may be asked to pay a bond to ensure good behaviour. This will be refunded at the end of the stay providing no rules were broken.

If you book an electric pitch, then you need to supply your own camping lead. Your camping lead needs to have a round blue 8-pin plug on one end that connects into our electric bollard as shown. This camping lead is standard throughout Europe. If you haven’t bought your camping lead yet, then we recommend buying a camping lead that is at least 75m long (this is plenty long for pitches on our park, however other parks may need longer). We do not sell camping leads, so please see your nearest camping shop Halfords, Charles camping Blessington , O’Meara camping.

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Hidden Valley is a serene haven of relaxation. Set in a beautiful valley with sites overlooking the tranquil waters of the Avonmore River and a glassy, private lake, we offer the opportunity to experience a holiday amid an abundance of wildlife including kingfishers, cranes, wild geese, ducks, otters and pheasant. We are easily accessible from Dublin, Dun Laoghaire and Rosslare ferry ports.

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