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I agree with it never having been a man made bridge. Just a natural connection of land. hence the after the fact a Western name of 8775 Adam 8776 as in 8775 Adam 8767 s Rib 8776 from Adam and Eve.

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Hare krishna Hare krishna krishna krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. Lord Krishna is eternal, so all avatar of Lord Sri Krishna is absolute truth.

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm, Sweden.

So instead of proving ancient facts, lets try to do something for our brothers and sisters in our mother land. We have lot more serious issue to deal with rather than discussing an entity under water.

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The cuddly looking but vicious sloth bears are unique, there are elephants everywhere and, if it is danger you’re looking for, the wild buffalo are famously poker-faced and potentially lethal. Besides, the smaller stuff is more interesting than bone-idle big mammals. Birds particularly. 

However, you clearly did not do your research. You continue to go on and on about volcanic rocks- but I have scientific research (which you seem very keen on) on my side, telling me that there were no volcanoes, nor was there any possible source for volcanic rock to have arrived at the particular spot at which the bridge was built.

try walking on a floating pumice you will fall and sink and nowhere in India we have pumice in such large quantity to build anything

But our misery, as Indians, we feel a shame on our path that we will not realize ourselves about our great and ancient culture in the world until unless somebody says.

Editor: Extremely harsh comment I guess you are proud of murdering little kids? Are you familiar with the word punk ? That is what I think of people who support terrorist government. When you have more than 85% of the population, you have responsibilities. The Sinhala majority had the ability to take advantage. Your culture did this, no respect for others- bottom line. The LTTE caused you thirty years of fear and grief and yet a cease fire was in effect when you started your illegal war, after killing the journalists. I believe there is no time in history when the side that killed the press was the right, it has never happened.

Emirates Airlines connects to Colombo with several flights daily from Dubai and Singapore to Colombo. The airline operates 777-855ER wide body aircraft on these routes.

THINK. how did ravana kidnapped and took sita to srilanka ( AH ha he crossed the bridge or flew) than comes the battalion to get sita back from ravana, now they build a bridge or do they. now I am perplexed,gives me a headache any way . keep on

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