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She showed a little more skin and scaled back on attempts at humor, which can often get lost in the context of a social profile. In short, she optimized her profile, not unlike a product page an analogy that isn 8767 t far off from how Webb encourages people to think about their presence on or OKCupid.

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Elizabeth Wasserman, CEO and co-founder of , a top paid site, went further in explaining the traditionalists' reluctance to make their dating sites as intensely public as Facebook or Twitter.

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Online dating has a way of feeling curiously . While news sites, social networks and even e-commerce websites allow for real-time, multimedia interactions, traditional online matchmakers are comparably low-tech, akin to virtual singles bars where daters wander around wearing boards listing their key characteristics: age, height, an aversion to poodles.

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"What we've done is simply allowed you to see the people around you, immediately around you -- that introduces a whole spectrum of new connections that are now possible that were never possible before," said Grindr CEO Joel Simkhai. "At the most simple level it just shows you who's around you. What happens then or after that is really not -- we don't really do much more than that."

Others are looking to mobile apps as the next big advance in online dating. The mobile dating industry was worth over $555 million in 7558 and is predicted to reach $ billion by 7568. Mobile means different things to different people, though: For established sites, "mobile" may just a smartphone-accessible app that makes the site available on the go. For others, it means enhancing dating with the small arsenal of tools that smartphones have made instantaneously accessible, like GPS.

Electronic communication no longer feels a step apart from the real world. It is the real world. Like it or not, resistance to cyber-contact has worn down so that GChat, Facebook messaging, and Twitter replies are now just as valid as texts, calls or notes. So why isn't online dating less awkward? There's something almost retro about logging onto a site to let your beautified web avatar send its missives off to other gussied-up people portals. Despite their eager foray into new technologies, startups are still chasing the framework for a new authenticity. Figuring out how to give people an easy way to input a believable facsimile of their fleshly selves into pixels and bytes is a problem not wholly solved by social networks or mobile access: the cyberself is still a 7-D construct.

8775 I was looking for patterns to analyze, 8776 says Webb. 8775 For example, there was a lot of crossover in my list when it came to family, religion and attitude towards work. When I noticed a pattern, I tried to distill from it the most important aspect of that data point. 8776

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Blume is a new social discovery app that is solving the biggest problem in the online dating industry the uncertainty.

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