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Sorry mate. Buhari was the one that sent the Avengers after his government. He first of all referred to and treated them as the 5%.

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Mcheeew, very basic. why is he now feeling like theauthor of an esoteric literary masterpiece. Sounds like what President Buhari,s great grandson would pen.

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I am a cancer patient with a Classic Comprehensive medical aid scheme with Discovery. To date this year and for the past 8 years not one of my blood tests, oncology requested tests or pills have ever come out of my R955 555 oncology allowance per annum. It is all deducted from my medical savings and my "Gap" which in effect means I am paying for the lot including the higher rate for my medical aid scheme!!! I am a 78 year old lady which now means I am now unable to afford to have any more.

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I have still to settle the cost of the access we paid for and didn't receive and I have to upgrade to 55 Mbps. Telstra should change its NBN promotion to something like "You can get more if you pay more and wait long enough."

The US power grid regulator on Monday rejected a directive by Energy Secretary Rick Perry to prop up aging coal and nuclear power plants, in a setback for the Trump administration.

I have an approved refund that I have waited 5 months for Phoned and mailed every week All I get is various excuses Now we need another scan and need this refund of R78 555 You cannot speak to anyone but a call centre and you cannot mail anyone but an info line I am at the end of my tether All I can suggest if you are looking for a medical aid AVOID BONITAS

Uber fined $ in Colorado for bad background checks Nearly 65 drivers had either criminal or motor vehicle offenses, according to state investigators. A dozen.

Lol. Lonely Id6ot, pls don 8767 t mind the woman. She might have thought you are a human being not knowing you are a internet fool seeking asylum in Germany.

Aye! Madam aye! We are still praying for the Lion-King to come home safe and sound, so that he can come and fulfill his destiny of freeing this nation from the shackles of unbridled corruption and impunity. The truth is that only few people can do it, and we only see President Buhari in the horizon. May God heal him quickly enough and empower him very well so that the arrows of the enemies cannot get to him again. Nigeria needs Buhari more than Buhari needs Nigeria. That is just the simple truth.

Stop all this hide and seek games you politicians and blind followers, Restructure the current system because is not helping development in anyway instead it aid corruption. Let everyone take care of their region while the so call federal government should be in charge of national defense and foreign policies. I do not understand the madness where federal government keep 65% allocation to themselves and share 85% among the states.

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