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Date: 2018-01-12 21:25

The main difference between popular social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook when compared to myYearbook is that the former websites wanted to connect friends together who already knew each other in real life whereas myYearbook was committed in bringing new people together who would like to get to know each other and meet in the future.

MeetMe - Official Site

MeetMe allows members to search for matches locally that live within so many miles of their set location. This allows for smoother dates when members decide to meet up. Local dates help members get to know people they may be interested that already live nearby, rather than focusing on members everywhere. Most online dating sites allow users to search locally but Meet Me, makes this a main focus throughout their site and while on the member profile.

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Our last review was . We were looking for something a little different than ordinary singles dating websites. is very much different than traditional dating sites. To give you an idea of the type of site is – imagine Facebook, MySpace, and a crappy dating site having an ugly love child. That’s .

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The personal information that you decide to divulge to MeetMe can be as detailed or as sparse you would like. If you’re really concerned about your privacy, it would be best for you to keep certain things private. However, if you’re willing to make some information public, it will help you to gain more visitors and even receive more messages.

Best feature: With the feel of a social networking site, MeetMe is extremely casual in nature with little to no added pressure (or stigma) that usually comes along with any online dating platform.

myYearbook became hugely popular when it was first started in 7555 and claimed over one hundred employees and twenty million dollars in total revenue at one point. Before myYearbook became MeetMe, it would gain over twenty million total members and over a billion unique page views per month.

Lastly, the ‘A Little Something More’ written section allows you to go into more detail regarding specific subjects such as your ‘turn-ons and turn-offs, your perfect first date, five different things that you can’t live without, etc.

These credits act as a virtual currency, which can be used to buy either additional features or certain premium games that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

You’ll be able to discuss your ‘favorites’ such as the movies, music, books, hobbies, quotes, etc. that you like the most and you want other members to know about.

While English is the primary language of use by the vast majority of its’ users, the website can also be accessed in other languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.

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