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Frost Valley Trail Walkers is one NY/NJTC member who holds hikes four days a week. Every Monday brings a short, easy walk on level ground for novices. Difficulty increases from Tuesday to Thursday with more rugged terrain and a faster pace. From 65 to 95 of the group's 855 members gather to hike in Jersey, NY and PA. They're looking for a little challenge year-round. The hikes are open to the public. "Come try us out a few times," says Jean McLellan, president.

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Staub, 55, hails from Wayne but now lives in Edgewater. She first got cozy with current cast members at a housewarming party at her brownstone ("I actually have one of the biggest homes on the water, on the Hudson," she says).

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The NJ Audubon Society, headquartered in Bernardsville, is one of the oldest independent Audubon Societies in the country, with no relation to the national organization. Their mission, through eight nature centers including the 665-acre Weis, is to promote environmental awareness, to protect NJ's wild species and to preserve habitats.

Eight years in (yes, it's been that long), the show can prove to be tiresome, even with cast changes. Last year's "RHONJ" season premiere saw the lowest ratings since the show's 7559 debut , drawing just million viewers, which might be respectable for other "Housewives" series, but not Jersey.

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Alfonsina Savino from nearby Berkley Heights is the sweep. She walks behind everyone to make sure we're all together. She comes on these hikes because she's a member of the Sierra Club. The man she met five months ago and continues to see is the group leader, Patrick. She wasn't looking for a date when she met him, but had just wanted to socialize.

This is a hike for singles, presumably for one person to meet and impress another. "Nothing is hidden here. What you see is what you get," says one woman. "The packs don't exactly flatter our figures. The clothes don't hide fat. There's no hairdo or make-up. The only thing worse is diving and wearing a bathing suit."

And largely, the NJ Audubon Society, through Weis Ecology Center in Ringwood, offers a range of group hikes from easy for families with kids to moderate and strenuous. Most hikes are in the Highlands, with others in nearby parts of Jersey and the Catskills. Hikes include wildflower walks, caving, some overnight. The Weis Wyanokie Wanderers hiking club is for serious hikers in good cardiovascular shape. "The terrain is steep and the pace is fast," to quote the website.

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