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I 8767 ve long thought that the world envisioned in the original Purge movie would be ideal to live in. I mean this seriously, I 8767 d move there in a heartbeat. The idea that thugs would last beyond one or two years is laughable, and it would be cathartic to have open season on thugs, criminals and trash until they are literally, well, purged from the earth, never to return.

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Same thing in a city in England
Well, any place doing that Policy (or anything approaching that Policy higher prices for me, etc) should be vehemently boycotted.
Find a way to 8775 strike the wallet 8776 , to make loose some money, and these places will magically change their mind.

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I have enough trouble wrapping my head around the US 8767 s swift shift from hating England to being best buddies. At least we had a few generations of tension-easing and were, by and large, children of the Empire.

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I heard somewhere that in the US a vote was taken (don 8767 t know if a referendum or parliament vote), on which language should become the official one, and German lost by a small margin. If German had become the official language of the USA, I can 8767 t help but think that alliances and hence results would have been very different during the world wars.

I agree. Baku sucks ass. Dirty, polluted, way too much smoking and idiot reckless driving. This guy says Baku is clean? WTF? Obviously either not been there or too shit-faced to notice. The place is like a painted pile of pig shit. Oh right, ask the Turkish guys for weed Which ones are the friggin Turkish guys? Turkish and Azeri are mutually intelligible, there are only small differences, even less than US English and UK English. This advise is dead wrong, don 8767 t ever go to Baku expecting anything. In fact, you cannot easily even come to Baku without an invite and a visa. Save your money and go elsewhere.

It 8767 s starting to look more and more like the lawmakers and the super-rich want all of the available hot women for themselves. They don 8767 t want anybody else to even have a shot at them. Might be time to drag out the pitchforks and torches where did I put those damn things.

That said, the EU will fall apart, starting with Visegrad. Then UK, then south Europe then the rest. Interesting times for sure.

Class. Baku was easily my favourite city in the Caucasus—if not of all time.  The girls are much nicer than in Georgia. Their style and the way they keep themselves is not like anywhere I 8767 ve ever seen.

You can make due with very little law enforcement, if everyone generally adheres to a shared ethical code and every citizen is armed.

[quote]I'm most curious about black men who refuse to date black women it seems like that comes out of a self-loathing of their own race more than anything else.

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